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About us

Management team

About Us

NakamotoX is next generation bitcoin and digital asset trading platform, mostly made in the Czech Republic. Since 2015 we are extensively invested in crypto currencies, their trading, mining and related system design.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality, low fee and maximum user-friendly interface experience (simple enough for beginners, customizable for professionals. And all of that on the top state of the art technology stack with the utmost reliability and security currently possible.

Our vision

Our experience in digital assets trading and strong technical background leads us to full commitment to our mission to become the largest exchange for crypto currencies in the world. This belief is strongly based on current market overview, our financial liquidity (both in FIAT and digital currencies) and our professional approach.

Jiří Fiala General Manager

Jiri is one of the leading Czech Enterprise Architects and latest technologies Evangelist with more than 14 years experience with development and project management for Fortune 500 companies around the world. During his career in companies like EDS and HP, Jiri helped to develop more than 160 projects in 21 countries, worth slightly above 3 billions of USD. Recently Jiri has left corporate sphere to focus on newer and more interesting projects.

Why NakamotoX?

  • I do believe in future where cryptocurrencies and open-money will take the lead and become the new global standard. Ideals on which was Bitcoin founded (and its unsuccessful predecessors) rund deeply in my blood since I first read Cyberpunk Manifesto. Even more than 10 years in corporate did not change that.
  • To help make this happen, we decided to build a platform which will change how people see bitcoin exchanges; our approach is different from the current trend (mix of amateurism, flawed both in security and architecture, ie.). We focus on technology, security and most importantly on our user's needs.
  • We are building NakamotoX platform differently. Secure. Highly available. Quality build. For Users.

Kamil Brejcha Operations Manager

Kamil is in the Bitcoin ecosystem since early 2012. He finds out about Bitcoin during his 5 years stay in the UK, where was working on the previous company which he sold in 2015 and fully focused on the bitcoin startup ecosystem.

Kamil Brejcha has more than 10 years experience from corporate companies like Telefonica and Orco Group. He also worked for SatoshiLabs, the company behind the first bitcoin mining pool and the first bitcoin hardware wallet. He has got extensive experience in project management, Bitcoin, and blockchain.

Why NakamotoX?

  • I believe that bitcoin will disrupt money, the same way as email disrupted post office services. We are still in 1996 internet era of Bitcoin and there and many things to overcome. However, we at NakamotoX believe that anyone on the planet should have access to Bitcoin (and own a part of it) It should not be an asset just for the rich people to increase their wealth.

Radim Kozub Compliance

Radim Kozub is a co-founder of Blockchain Legal, Prague based law firm focused on blockchain space. Radim has years of experience with providing legal services to clients from various business fields. In 2015, he decided to turn his attention on blockchain technology to help its development and mass adoption by providing sophisticated legal backup. Radim Kozub is also a co-founder of Blockchain Legal, Prague based law firm focused on blockchain space.

Why NakamotoX?

  • Technological application into law questions around blockchain are quite a fascinating to me. And from a legal standpoint of view, in our region, it's quite a new empty ground with a lot of potentials. And it needs quite a lot of support in the beginning.

Pavel Urbaczka Compliance

Pavel Urbaczka is an attorney at law in Czech republic and since 2017 co-founder of Czech law firm Blockchain Legal. He has 7 years of experience in the field of providing legal services, and for last two years his main focus has been on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in general.

Why NakamotoX?

  • From my point of view its one of the few projects in our region destined to success. The makeup of the team I joined offers the best possible mix desirable: technological and project quality of dedicated people.

Jiří Procházka Financial Manager

Professional in foreign exchange markets, a certified investment adviser. Involved in cryptocurrencies trading since 2012, and fascinated by them, not only their technology but also their impact on the monetary system.

Why NakamotoX?

  • Bitcoin and blockchain technology fascinates me with their simplicity. And their possible evolution as digital gold just pulls me in to be a part of that story.

Our structure

Originally our team members come from various companies (legal, technology, blockchain and finance related), to ensure maximum agility and responsiveness of our exchange, as well as transparency for users, following company have been created:

Nakamotox Limited - UK

Registered in the UNITED Kingdom, Nakamotox Ltd acts as the corporate vehicle which houses the investor's interests, the exchange platform itself and the customer's activities.