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I did not receive my deposit which has enough confirmation on blockchain

Please make sure you sent it to your current address. It is very important to make sure you sent above minimum deposit amount if applied (displayed near your address on "Ledger" page) or it will be lost - we will not be able to recover it. Please, check your current address of specific coin in your "Ledger" page. We will not be able to register any deposit if you do not send it to your current NAKAMOTOX address.

My deposit transaction does not get confirmations on blockchain

Sometimes cryptocurrency transactions got stuck with no or low confirmations. There can be many reasons for that: low transaction fee, miner presence, blockchain issues like forks or checkpoint. Another reason is sometimes wallets got stuck, and it can happen on our end. In this case, please, make sure you can see enough confirmations on block explorer before going further with a ticket.

I sent my deposit to wrong address

We are sorry, but we are not able to register any deposit if it sent not to your current coin address. We are also unable to register deposits of coin A if you sent it to your NAKAMOTOX address of coin B.

My deposit transaction ID got posted to my balance, but amount is not correct

It's rare, but sometimes transaction got split into several outputs. In this case, we need to verify this transaction manually. Please, provide correct information in the ticket, and we will resolve it best possible way.

I have a problem with fiat deposit

In case you made your deposit with wire transfer system, and your transaction processed fine, but you can't see it in your deposit history here - please, create a ticket and provide all transaction details. We will do our best to find it and post to your balance. In case you deposit with our partners - please, contact them first and make sure they processed your deposit.


I did not receive my withdrawal

Please, make sure you don't have unconfirmed withdrawals. For each withdrawal we send an e-mail with a confirmation link. If you did not confirm it by now - please, do that, and your withdrawal will be processed. Important! To confirm and initiate your withdrawal you need to be logged-in in a window where you are opening this link. Otherwise, it will not work. In case you do not have unconfirmed withdrawals - check your "History" page: and choose "Withdrawals" in "Show" menu. There has to be a record with transaction ID of your withdrawal. In case there is a record with transaction ID - withdrawal went fine. In case there is no record - please, create a ticket, and we will do our best to fix this issue.

My withdrawal was processed, and I have transaction ID in history, but I don't receive coins in my wallet

Most probably you or destination service have your wallet not synced well. Make sure you are on correct fork (you can check it with block explorer), and you are on the latest block. In case it is destination service - please, contact them with transaction ID you have in your history. In case it's your personal wallet, and you are sure it synced well - please, create a ticket, and we will resolve this issue best possible way.

I did not receive my fiat withdrawal

First - make sure we are not timed to process your withdrawal. We have 48 hours maximum (Work days only) for that. Also, make sure you provide valid credentials in your withdrawal form. Otherwise please, create a ticket, and we will resolve this issue best possible way.

My withdrawal was not processed instantly and got queued

Your withdrawal was not instant and got queued? Don't worry - it will be processed soon, or we will put coins back to your balance automatically in case wallet is unable to process it. No need to open a ticket.

Trading / balance

I created order, but it is not processing

We have P2P (peer to peer) trading here. You need to wait until another trader fills your order. If you want to exchange your funds instantly, you can use existing orders for that. If you sell - then sell it into existing buy orders. If you buy - buy from existing sell orders. Otherwise, your order will wait for other traders. Your order may not be processed at all if you set unacceptable price.

My balance is not correct

Please, check your History page. You can find excel export option there. You can export everything and summarize all transactions to verify your current balance. Also, make sure you do not have unconfirmed withdrawals. In case you find discrepancy there - create a ticket, and we will fix it.

Balance of my certain coin is negative

This is a case where our security system detects attempts to make a double withdrawal or double set same order and set the negative balance to prevent it. Must be you double clicked on order or withdraw button which triggered this procedure. Please, create a ticket, and we will check everything and fix it for you.

Bug report

We did huge work on testing everything. Please, make sure it's really a bug. Please, give us all details how to reproduce it.

Adding your coin and advertising

List new coin or token

Please contact us with a ticket, and we will provide all information about getting your coin or token to our exchange.

Order advertizing

Please contact us with ticket and provide all needed information.