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The next generation cryptocurrency trading platform

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Platform features

Security of users funds is our priority

We use multisig, HSM and 3 layer wallet system, backed by TREZOR to offer the highest industry security standards on the market

Reliable in any situation

Our trade engine is at the heart of our system and makes all our services possible. We called him "Quark", he is super fast and reliable.

Platform speed is important

From almost instant deposits to super fast matching engine able to handle thousands tx per second, everything for your trading comfort.


Trade digital assets across several trading pairs. Use our advanced trading view see what live happening across other major exchanges is.

Advanced features

With our advanced trading features, you can earn more profits on your digital asset portfolio.


Trade crypto currencies across our global network of partners, no more order execution waiting time.

Professional, customizable trade view

You can create multiple trade views or just see multiple graphs from various exchanges on a single trading view. No need to be loosing time switching between windows.

Nakamotox Mobtrader

With Nakamotox mobile optimized trading view you can increase your profits even with coffee on the go. Mobile apps are coming soon...

Deposits and Withdrawals