About NakamotoX

NakamotoX Exchange 2.0 is a next generation platform for buying, selling, storing and transferring crypto-currencies and digital-assets founded in the Czech Republic in 2017. NakamotoX is the first exchange with truly high security standards and modular interface that allows users to trade safely and effectively to increase portfolio gains. Crypto-ecosystem is still in its early stage of development. NakamotoX aims to be the main exchange for professional traders, institutional investors and newcomers interested in crypto-currencies and digital assets. NakamotoX is currently finishing the BETA product testing with plans to go LIVE in Q4 2018. A big announcement with an original event is coming. Stay tuned!

Team Members

Kamil Brejcha Operations Manager

Kamil is a high-skilled Project Manager with experience from Telefonica, Orco Group and SatoshiLabs, where the first mining pool and hardware wallet Trezor was developed. He has been interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technology since 2012 and has also been active in the crypto business from 2015 as investor, miner and consultant.

Jiří Fiala Technology Manager

Jiří is the Enterprise Architect and the latest technologies Evangelist with more than 14 years of experience in the system development and the project management for the Fortune 500 companies around the world - HP, EDS. He believes in the blockchain technology since it comes on the global scene and he knows how to create a high-secured and innovative trading platform which will suit professional needs.

David Žákovský Client Service Manager

David has been running major IT projects for corporation such as ŠKODA Auto, Innogy and HP for several years. He has been in the crypto-business since 2015 with a focus on DLT and blockchain mining. At NakamotoX, he is the Head of Support Team which resolves all client issues and monitors the smooth operation of the exchange.

Michal Barabáš Marketing Manager

Michal is experienced in Digital marketing and start up projects management with konwledge from corporate sphere. His key responible is to let world to know about NakamotoX Exchange. Michal is also have a passion for coffee roasting. Which exhange has it's own coffee brand?

Radomír Eliáš Business Developer

Radomír is a hard-worker and blockchain Enthusiast with many contacts within the Bitcoin and blockchain community. At NakamotoX, he is helping to develop the better business with our partners and investors and establish a personal relationship with them. Radomír is also a regular author of articles about crypto for E15 Premium Magazine.

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